you made my eyes roll (with pleasure)


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While chatting online with my wonderful Peruvian girlfriend, she says such incredibly lovely things that she often makes me sigh, and my eyes involuntarily roll (upwards) with pleasure, like "My God, that is so unbelievably sweet!!"
I want to say something like "You made my eyes roll (with delight) again!" (I'm not even sure how to say that in English, I've never had to, jaja... )

The other discussions on this forum seem to refer only to rolling your eyes with contempt...

I asked her how to say it, she said it is "blanquear los ojos" ...
I can't find that expression on this site... is it uncommon? (maybe the phenomenon is as well, jaja.)
Can "poner los ojos en blanco" be used in this (very) positive sense? The two things are very similar, but the one I mean is involuntary, and an expression of overwhelming delight. jaja.

Thanks everyone, for a great website!!
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    Hi! Welcome to the forum.

    Hmm... I don't think the expressions you mention do full justice to the feeling you're describing!

    Come to think of it, I've never tried to express this in Spanish, so it is hard to put it into words, you're right.
    Maybe it would be better to make the phrase more explanatory: 'eres tan dulce que mis ojos se quedan en blanco'... or something like that. Although it still doesn't sound as sweet as you mean it!
    Creative people, anywhere?


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    Me parece que tienes que cambiar completamente la expresión.
    No existe en español algo así como "se me mueven los ojos de emoción...", jejeje. Suena muy gracioso, pero si lo dices la chica va a pensar que te has vuelto bizco :).
    Tal vez "me bailan los ojos de placer / de contento", pero no sé si suena natural.
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