You must herald from the land

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From "Panty & Stockings" episode 8, the whole Anime is full of gigs and ridiculousness and they use lots of swear words in a funny way.
It's said to some zombies who have encountered two girls.
You must herald from the land of dipsh*ts.

What difference does it make if I use to come from, is it more suitable?

To herald from sounds kind of
belittling to my ears.
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    It sounds wrong to my ears! I think the translator means "hails from". To herald means to announce or introduce. It isn't belittling in either case, but it does have a kind of antique sound. However, it is heard fairly often.

    Bear in mind that (depending on the source you are quoting) the translator may not be a professional, so the standard of English may not be reliable.
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    As a side note, the English in Animé can be very fractured. I wouldn't assume it had been written by native English speakers. Sometimes the words that are used seem to be more focused on matching the mouth movements than on making any sense. :)
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