you must learn to live, not only exist

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    Hi everyone!
    I would like to learn how to write the following words in latin; ''you must learn to live, not only exist / learn to live, not only exist''. ( - I didn't read it in a newspaper or heard it in a movie. It was said to me by a dear friend of mine a few years ago. And I've been living life since. )
    Someone told me that the translation is; ''vivere discant, non iutus existere'', but he/she also told me that ''vivere'' = ''living'' and ''existere'' = ''existing'', so the grammar is wrong...
    Could someone help me, please? :)
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    Well, my suggestion would be "esse non sufficit, vivere oportet". That is a latinization of the idea rather than a word for word translation.
  3. Lime New Member

    Aha! Thank you very much! :)

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