You must've been blind not to see that!


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A man rides his bicycle into the back of a big parked van. The next day, he explains his accident to his friend who says "You must've been blind not to see that (van)!"

How would you say this in Spain?
"¡Debías de haber estado ciego para no ver eso!" (?)
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    That 'have' is part of a present perfect; 'have been blind'.

    In Spanish, this past tense is expressed in the 'tuviste que' ('you must have...'), de 'tener que...'. Which, of course, requires an infinitive, 'estar'.

    Its back translation would be 'You had to be blind'.

    That's why this sentence doesn't have the auxiliary 'have'.

    Other options;

    - ¡Tenías que / Debías de estar ciego, para no ver eso!
    - ¡Tienes que haber estado ciego, para no verla!
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    Yo voy a discrepar con los usuarios que han respondido previamente. A mí, has debido de estar ciego para no verlo me parece natural y correcto.
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