you only miss one or two and that’s it

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She arrived to find the two of them walking around the house on exaggerated tippy-toes. ‘We just got her down,’ explained Lyn. ‘It was a nightmare. The girls at playgroup say you only miss one or two and that’s it, afternoon naps finished for good, never to return!’
Source: Three Wishes by Liane Moriarty
Context: iIt is Christmas Eve. Cat offered to babysit her niece Maddie while her sister Lyn and their mother Maxine went to the fish markets.

What does “you only miss one or two and that’s it” refer to? beat(s)?
I surmise “we got her down” mean “we put her down to sleep”.

Thank you.
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    "Got her down" means succeeded at getting her to go to sleep.

    I assume that what the character is saying is that if a baby's regular afternoon naps are interrupted one or two days in a row then the baby's schedule will be upset and they will no longer take afternoon naps.
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