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You see
Definition: It is slang for you'll see.
I will prove you wrong and I will win the £1000 back. You see!
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    Hello, Tasha is the best!, and thank you for your report :)

    @DrD: what do you think of this sense?


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    Hmm, I can't call to mind any occasion when I've heard it said quite like that. If people do use it, I'd think it more likely it's a truncated form of 'You wait and see!' or 'You see if I don't!'. We didn't have either of those in the dictionary, so I've added them. I'm not convinced enough by 'You see!' on its own to add it, but at least with the new additions, if anyone does look up 'You see!', they will find expressions with the same meaning.

    The new terms will be included in future translation projects. Once translated into the various languages, they will appear online when the dictionaries are next updated.