You should have sent the cargo 20 days ago

Discussion in '中文+方言 (Chinese)' started by Ouyang, Feb 19, 2013.

  1. Ouyang Member

    I have to say that in Chinese. I said:

    Don't feel like good Chinese :).

    Please correct me.
  2. SuperXW

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    You already 20 days ago should send...
    Wrong :(

    Much better :)

    Of course, there're other ways. I just rearrange your original words to make the sentence readable.
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  3. Ouyang Member


    And could you explain what will happen to your examples if we use 发了货了 and 发了货 instead of original 发货了?
    That is my second answer in depth :).
  4. Youngfun

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    Bắc Kinh
    Wu Chinese & Italian
    I've never understood the difference either. :D
    I use which one sounds better to me. And actually, I don't know either if my choice is always correct.
  5. Lucia_zwl

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    I would add 就, say 你二十天以前应该发货了!(为什么现在才发?)but I don't know how to explain 就 here...

    I can't think of a context with 发了货了。。。

    发了货 for me is like 发完货. They both indicate that the action "to send the cargo" is finished, but this action is in a series of actions, i.e. there must be some other actions following. e.g.
    1.(你)发了货再去市场买点水果。-- Go to the market and buy some fruit after sending the cargo.
    2.-你一会儿去市场吗? --Are you going to the market later?
    -不知道呢,发了货再说吧! --I don't know yet. Let me send the cargo first (and then decide...).

    发货了 just means the cargo has been sent.
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  6. xiaolijie

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    English (UK)
    The 了 should be in a new thread but you can search for existing ones. The only thing I should tell you is to expect all sorts of views on this. The main reason is the use of 了 makes proper sense in context but discussions of it tend to be without context :).

    就 conveys a similar sense to 已经 here, meaning something like "as early as that date".

    By the way, there's some important difference between the English sentence and the Chinese translation. From the Chinese, I suppose the English may be like this: "You should have been sent the cargo 20 days ago"
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  7. BODYholic Senior Member

    Chinese Cantonese

    Colloquially, we said something very close to Lucia's suggestion.

  8. Ouyang Member

    Thank you all!

    And in my English version it should not be "been" of course. Thanks to Xiaolijie's indication.

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