you smoke/inhale/sniff cocaine ??

Discussion in 'English Only' started by roniy, Dec 13, 2006.

  1. roniy Senior Member

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    you smoke/inhale/sniff cocaine ?

    I think I have even heared " snore cocaine" but I am not certain.

    What do you think which of the three is most common ?

    I know that we can say " I sniff" and it is undrestood as "sniff cocaine" ,right ?


    CABARET Senior Member

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    Right. But smoke is not a good one. Of course you can add some to do a "nevadito" with marihuana, but that's the only way I know of smoking it.
  3. jimreilly

    jimreilly Senior Member

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    What you have heard is "snort cocaine". Of the relative popularity of the different methods of ingestion, I am highly (no pun intended) ignorant.
  4. difficult cuss Senior Member

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    It is indeed possible to snort (inhale through the nose) or smoke it in a pipe. Crack cocaine (which is a "washed" purer version of cocaine) is smoked. "Sniff" is not often used to describe the snorting action. Sniff is more associated with solvent abuse.
    Jimreilly...Can one "ingest" by inhaling?
  5. Mate

    Mate Senior Member

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    I suggest intake instead of ingestion

    Cheers - Mate
  6. Julia76 Senior Member

    Excuse me, what do you mean by solvent abuse?
    Thank you... :)
  7. jefrir Member

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    Solvent abuse is sniffing things like glue or paint strippers.
  8. Julia76 Senior Member

    I see... Thanks very much, Jefrir!! :)
  9. Mate

    Mate Senior Member

    Castellano - Argentina
    Perhaps he meant something related to this:

    "...Legally available drugs
    include alcohol, prescribed medications,
    inhalants (fumes from glues, aerosols, and


    Salut! - Mate
  10. beppo Senior Member

    One time I heard that "you can get your nose cold" ,which stands for sniffing and snorting.
  11. Jigoku no Tenshi

    Jigoku no Tenshi Senior Member

    Valencia - Venezuela
    I wonder if it could just be do cocaine?
    I haven't heard much about cocain, but I bet if you say you do cacain, everybody will understand, because you do drugs, no matter how you do it
  12. difficult cuss Senior Member

    English England
    To "do cocaine" is accepted in BE, but it does not explain which method is used.
  13. jimreilly

    jimreilly Senior Member

    American English
    yes, though the word is more usually used for eating--it means carry into or take into. One can inhale droplets or a powder and thus ingest a substance through the nose
  14. First off, I hear snort more than anything and "do" is acceptable with regard to cocaine.

    Yes, inhalation is a form of ingesting.

    With regard to fumes from aerosols, glues, and solvents....
    aerosols and glues are obviously bad... I think it's pretty well-known that they aren't good to breathe in.

    As for solvents, it depends what solvent is being used. Water is a solvent. It is the most common solvent, in fact. A solvent is something that can dissolve something else in it. For example, water dissolves salt. Water is the solvent. Now let me look up just how harmful solvents can be....

    WOW! I did not know all that! This year in lab I used toluene, acetone, deutero-chloroform and ethanol (everyone's favorite alcohol, it's in wine). I don't drink and aren't I glad I don't, especially after lab! We used a lot of aromatic compounds!
  15. bouncy.bouncy Senior Member

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    I agree, if you don't know how a particular drug is used, you can just say, "you do..."
  16. Victoria32

    Victoria32 Senior Member

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    I believe that you snort cocaine, at least that is what I have heard on the news. :)

  17. Texas Word Guy New Member

    I believe if can only smoke crack which is a type of cocaine. Inhale is technically correct but not the best word to use here. Inhale would be more accurate to describe what you do when you smoke.

    Sniff, while also technically correct, would not be the best word to use in this situation. Sniff is better used to describe what a dog does or what you do when you have a cold or runny nose.

    I agree with someone above who state the BEST word to use would be snort. You "snort" cocaine. This is very interesting because the reason this word is most accurate is soley due to it's development as a slang term to describe the action of inhaling or ingesting recreational drugs like cocaine or heroin.

    This is interesting mainly because it is actually misuse of the word snort. In every other instance, the word snort denotes EXPELLING air. (Interesting to a nerd like me at least...can't speak for anyone else.)

    As for practical usage, you would not really want to say, "I'd really like to snort some cocaine." The word "do" is just fine because everybody knows what you are most likely to do with it when you get it.

    ...not that anyone here would ever...
  18. El escoces Senior Member

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    A few thoughts...

    Based on everything except practical experience, I would also say "snort" is the most common (although I except that related substances like crack cocaine require a different verb).

    (I don't disagree with "do", but it doesn't really give the best answer to OP...)

    Solvent abuse is a recognised term in BrE (despite the fact that water is a solvent!)

    And I have heard "snort" used to meaning an inhalation, rather than an exhalation ("snorting loudly in the morning might be considered rather uncouth" as opposed to "he snorted contemptuously, clearly unimpressed by what she had said").

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