you smug little git

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Max raised his eyebrows. ‘Well, looking at that self-satisfied grin, I’d guess it’s you, you smug little git.’ He punched Charlie’s arm. ‘Okay, how did you manage it?’
Source: Murderer’s son by Joy Ellis

The bolded slangy expression is a dismissive and not pejorative, right? Kind of equivalent to “you little silly person”, right?

smug: conceited, proud of one’s achievement
git: stupid

Thank you.
  • suzi br

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    It’s not a very nice thing to say about someone.

    It is possible for friends to say this to each other in a jokey way though. You have to judge from other clues in the text.


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    Definitely a friendly conversation. As an insult, 'git' means a really unpleasant person, not necessarily stupid, somewhere between 'prat' and 'berk' according to the Wiki article.
    I have a feeling it's only applied to men.

    I was amused by this:
    What are the equivalents for women?
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