You Spanish lullaby ...

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  1. bpgarcia New Member

    Lima - Peru
    Buenos Dias Señores ...
    Escuchando "La Isla Bonita " de Madonna
    quisiera saber que significa esta frase "You Spanish lullaby"
    sobre todo la palabra "lullaby" ...

    Gracias por su tiempo.
  2. verbivore Banned

    USA, English
    If I understand your question correctly, a 'lullaby' is a quiet and soothing type of song.
  3. Solbrillante Senior Member

    Hi bpgarcia, welcome. A lullaby is a soft, quiet song used to lull a baby to sleep. La Isla Bonita is one of my favorite songs.


    I think the line is your Spanish lullaby.
  4. verbivore Banned

    USA, English
    In this song, however, she is not a baby. Nevertheless, she views it as a lullaby.
  5. Solbrillante Senior Member

    Yes, verbivore, I agree (I should have clarified). Usually, the word lullaby is used in reference to calming a baby with soothing sounds of soft music (singing). In the case of Madonna's song, she is simply being poetic and lullaby has nothing to do with a baby, just a descriptive word used for emphasis.

  6. Azena New Member

    lullaby significa canción de cuna

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