You suppose to say yes, you suppose say yes

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    Tell us in Spanish what you want to say, and then we'll work with you on the translation:)



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    So, can you say: you suppose to say yes.?

    In present tense.
    You can't say that. You need "are" between "you" and "suppose." Also, "suppose" is being used as an adjective, and needs to be written as "supposed."

    Present tense:
    "You are supposed to say yes."

    Past tense:
    "You were supposed to say yes."

    I hope that helps. :)


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    1. (Do) You suppose 'to say yes' is gonna cut it?
    2. You suppose saying yes is simple?
    3. (if) You suppose (so), (then) say yes.


    Here you got a few possible constructions of the language alive. There are (there must be) many more that you get to learn by living. That's how language is dealt with.
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