you welcome / you're welcome

Discussion in 'English Only' started by murolt, Nov 5, 2006.

  1. murolt New Member

    Which one should we use to respond to someone's "thank you" ?
  2. mjscott Senior Member

    "You're welcome!"
  3. roxcyn

    roxcyn Senior Member

    American English [AmE]
    Definately you are welcome OR you're welcome.
  4. Debbies New Member

    It's spelled difinintely. There is NO A in that word.
  5. GreenWhiteBlue

    GreenWhiteBlue Senior Member

    The City of New York
    USA - English
    No, it isn't. It is spelled "definitely".

    You might also want to note that this thread had been dormant for nearly five years.
  6. ribran

    ribran Senior Member

    Austin, Texas
    English - American
    Definitely. :p

    Welcome to the forums! :)
  7. Egmont Senior Member

    Massachusetts, U.S.
    English - U.S.
    Actually, I'm fairly sure it's spelled "definitely." There are two i's in it, not three. :)

    (But welcome to the forum anyhow. We all have a finger slip from time to time!)

    As to the topic of this thread: I once had a colleague who always wrote "your welcome." It made me cringe.

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