you were observed leaving

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    I'm not sure how to translate the following English sentence in French nicely:confused:

    " Specifiaclly, on Nov 7th, you were observed leaving the kitchen area and going to your car......"

    My try:
    "Précisément, le 7 Novembre, on vous a remarqué quittant la zone de cuisine et vous dirigeant vers votre voiture...."?? ...(on vous a remarqué en train de quitter...? on vous a vu quitter?

    In fact neither sounds nice to me:(
    Could you help, please?
  2. OLN

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    French - France, ♀
    L'important est de rester naturel.

    Quelqu'un vous a vu quitter... et vous diriger vers ... :tick:
    Un /des témoin(s) vous a/ont vu ...
    On vous a ... alors que vous quittiez ... et vous dirigiez ...
    Vous avez été vu /observé ...

    (la zone de cuisine, est-ce bien français ? :))
  3. bh7 Senior Member

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    Canada; English
    You were observed leaving ... => formal language, used by police or court of law
    You were seen leaving ... => normal, colloquial expression used
  4. bb-bas Senior Member

    Thank you both.[...]- I don't feel at ease with formal language , ans this is part of a formal letter. Thanks again.
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