You will be missed

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  1. guccigirl New Member

    can i have the following translated into spanish please

    You will be missed.

    can someone please trnslate the following into spanish for me?

    "You will be missed"

    it is in relation to a friend whop is leaving the country to live in spain!!

    Thanks you
  2. lapachis8 Senior Member

    El Defectuoso
    Te vamos a extrañar.
    Te van a echar de menos.
    these two are plural, people will miss your friend.

    Te voy a extrañar.
    Te voy a echar de menos.
    In this case you are saying you would miss his/her

    The passive voice in Spanish in this particular sentence would sound weird, but the closest would be:
    Se te va a extrañar.
    Se te va a echar de menos.
  3. (sic)

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    I think the most normal (sounds better) translation is "Te echaremos de menos" "te echaré de menos"

    Hope it helps!

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