You will think so!


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Hi guys!
Help me out with this one please ;)
Here's the context :

- what do you mean? Is it worse than being unemployed?
- you will think so!

Well, I heard of the "You'd think so" expression as a sarcastic response to an obvious statement, but "you will think so"..

Are the two phrases interchangeable? If not, what's the difference between the two?

Many thanks in advance

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    I think more context is needed. You have a conversation in progress. Whatever the person said before 'what do you mean' is important.
    Then, 'you will think it is worse than being unemployed' when you are subjected to whatever I mentioned before your questions.


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    The phrases are not interchangeable. "You will think so" is not an English idiom or expression.

    So the quoted sentence uses the words literally, as #2 explains. As #2 also says, we might understand more with more of the conversation.
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