you work with a doctor regimented and overseen and safe


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A Men's Heath article titled "Here's How Joaquin Phoenix Lost More Than 50 Pounds to Play the Joker" starts with this:
In order to play the lead role in Joker, Joaquin Phoenix underwent a dramatic transformation, and as a result he looks truly, unsettlingly emaciated in the film. The 44-year-old actor lost a shocking 52 pounds ahead of shooting, and he's just revealed the drastic methods it took to achieve such significant weight loss.

In a recent interview with Access Hollywood, Phoenix explained that he sought medical guidance in order to ensure that he was able to lose the weight safely. "It’s something I’ve done before and you work with a doctor regimented and overseen and safe," he said.
In the emboldened clause, the phrase regimented and overseen and safe seems to describe the diet. While I understand what the clause means, I have a hard time understanding the function of the phrase in the clause. Can anyone help me out here?
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    The phrase seems bad to me too. It seems to me like a better wording would be "you work on a specific regimen designed and overseen by a doctor, so it's safe."


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    The adjectives describe the doctor. Phoenix means he was working with a member of a regulated (“regimented,” not the right word) profession with peer oversight (“overseen). Therefore the doctor is someone he can trust, not a quack peddling a dubious, possibly unsafe nutrition regime.


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    I agree. Perhaps it demonstrates why actors need scriptwriters - wordsmiths who can string words together in a way that makes sense. :rolleyes:


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    It’s worth noting that this is a direct quotation from an interview with Joaquin Phoenix by the author of an article in Men’s Health. It’s not Phoenix’s writing. One doesn’t expect literary brilliance in direct quotes, and normally they should be published exactly as spoken. However, no one speaks with punctuation marks, and good journalism practice is to punctuate quotations for publication as text so that their meaning is clear. Also, a quotation should be selected for its originality and idiosyncratic expression. It should be paraphrased and the quotation marks dropped if that will make the meaning clearer. This can be hard to do if the interviewee is speaking in the first person.
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