You would think that I would love it

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    I am having a bit of trouble translating this and my Spanish friends cannot agree what sounds best and would appreciate any advice/ wisdom.

    So the context would be something like - I like Abba, I like Musicals, you would think that I would love Mamma Mia, but I hated it. It's not a question it's a statement/ rhetorical question

    So I first tried

    pensarías que me gustaria Mamma Mia - but noone liked that.

    Then someone suggested

    uno pensaría que me guste - but i think this sounds weird.


    Hubieras pensado que me hubiera gustado - but i think that's too much in the past.

    Muchas Gracias
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    Two examples would be:

    "Se pensaría que me iba a gustar Mamma Mia"
    "Podría pensarse que me gustaría Mamma Mia"
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    "Sería de esperar que me gustase Mamma Mía, pero..."

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