young and youngster

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  • Isotta

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    English, Hodgepodge
    "Young" is the adjective (unless you're talking about animals, in which case "a mother and her young is acceptable).

    "Youth" is the collective term for "young people."

    "Youngster" means "a young person."

    I hope this is what you were looking for--



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    To add the previous definitions,

    Youth is also the period or state of being young.

    Also, I caution you aganist using the word "youngster," especially to American students. "Youngster" sounds very condescending.


    American English
    bpipoly said:
    "Youngster" sounds very condescending.
    As a form of address, yes. But as a general reference to young people or a young person, especially in the first or third person, I consider it merely "cute."
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