Young couples together - redundant?

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Hi. In the following example, is the word "together" redundant and therefore, should be omitted?

"Every time I go to the park, I see young couples together."

By seeing couples in a public space (like a park), isn't it implied that the couples are already 'together'?
  • Florentia52

    Modwoman in the attic
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    If someone says they see a couple, whether in a park or any other place, I presume the couple is (1) "together" in terms of being in a personal relationship (by definition) and (2) together in terms of physical proximity at the time they are observed. I probably wouldn't say "I saw a couple in the park" if one person was at the duck pond and the other was playing cricket.

    "I see young couples together" is anbiguous, because it could mean several couples meeting up as a group.
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