young varietal


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This type of tea (Young Hyson) is thought to be especially helpful for weight loss for both men and women. Be sure to look for the young varietal, as regular hyson is of middling quality (Healing Power of Tea/Caroline Dow)

--- Does "young varietal" mean the same as "young variety"? Do they mean to look for the tea made from young leaves?
  • Keith Bradford

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    Varietal is an adjective, meaning "of... a distinct variety of animal or plant" (source: Shorter OED). What the author meant was variety, whichever meaning of variety that may have been.


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    Varietal is also a noun, but it means "A wine made from a single variety of grape", so it's pretty irrelevant to tea. This book seems to generate many questions that require some specialist knowledge to answer. I suggesf that you try Google searches when you want to know about specific types of tea. Here's a Wikipedia article on Hyson tea - It explains what young Hyson is.