your blankety-blank <bleep>


A guy is accused of raping an unconscious girl. The case seems to be easy, but after a hypnosis session it turns out that the girl and the guy were both abducted by aliens, which messes up an almost solved cases for Dt. Manners by Mulder, so Manners is angry at him. The narration is by Scully:
Manners to Mulder: Well, thanks a lot! You really bleeped up this case. [Scully says] Well, of course, he didn't actually say "bleeped." He said...
Mulder to Manners: You still going to hold the boy?
Manners: Oh, you bet your blankety-blank bleep I am.
The X-Files, episode Jose Chung's From Outer Space

I think the first "bleeped up" represents "fucked up". But what is supposed to be the second "bleep"?

edit: he later also says: "Those kids' stories couldn't be more bleeping different." Again, it's clear it's the F-ing word.
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  • VicNicSor

    In another scene, Manners uses the bleep language again:
    "Hey! I just got a call from some crazy bleep-head saying he was an eyewitness to this alien abduction. Do you feel like talking to this blank-hole?"

    I'm sure the second word is "asshole", but is the first one "dickhead"?
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