Your blood pressure is 120/80.

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    In the doctor's office, the nurse takes a patient's blood pressure. Then she turns to the patient and says: "Your blood pressure is 120/80." How do you say this correctly in Spanish?
    Here are my attempts:

    "Su presión sanguínea está ciento veinte sobre ochenta."
    "Tiene la presión sanguínea en ciento veinte sobre ochenta."

    Here's a link to a previous discussion about this in the forum, but I wasn't convinced that it was correct to say "es" instead of "está" if you're referring to something like blood pressure, which is subject to much change.

    Thanks for your suggestions!
  2. aommoa Senior Member

    Tiene la tensión (arterial) en 12 (doce) 8 (ocho)
  3. Trinadora Member

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    Thanks aommoa! Is it customary in Spain to leave the zeros off? I've never seen or heard that before. How about in other countries?
  4. aommoa Senior Member

    In Spain, I have never heard 120 always 12, if yoy says 120 nobody will understand you.

    I have no idea in other countries
  5. New Member

    If you blood pressure treatment in Singapore. The docotor will be say that your blood pressure is 200/140. OMG blood pressure instrument may be broken.

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