Your English is very humble

Discussion in 'English Only' started by ѕαмм, Jul 31, 2013.

  1. ѕαмм Member

    India - Hindi
    "Your English is very humble."

    What would it mean? I looked in the dictionary and humble means, meekness and lower in quality.

    This comment was passed by my German instructor, specifically on me while we were studying some sentences to answer questions about the languages we speak.
  2. london calling Senior Member

    Humble, from the WRF dictionary:
    An odd choice of words, but then your instructor is not a native speaker of English. I personally do not understand exactly what he might mean, but at a guess I would say he means your command of English is not very good.:)
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  3. velisarius Senior Member

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    On the face of it, and assuming that the instructor's English is good, I'd say he meant you were using phrases of extreme formality and excessive politeness. This is a guess. What sort of thing were you saying when he made the remark?
  4. ѕαмм Member

    India - Hindi
    Yeah, I was confused so I just called her and asked what she meant, turns out she was addressing the whole class that we guys are very humble about our ability to speak English.

    Each one of us said, "Ich spreche gut Englisch" ~> "We speak good English," she encouraged us to say, "Ich spreche sehr gut Englisch" ~> "I speak very good English."

    Odd choice of words indeed.
  5. london calling Senior Member

    We're playing guessing games, aren't we, which we are bnot allowed to do. I suggest you ask your instructor what he meant , to be sure.;)

    Edit. Just saw your post!;) Good for you.:) Her English isn't very good, then, what she said doesn't convey that idea at all .:)

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