your friendship has meant a great deal to me

Charlie Parker

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English Canada
I am searching for just the right tone here. It is not meant to be romantic. Nothing of the sort. It could be said by one man to another (they're not gay). I am thinking of a friendship that may have lasted years. Many deep conversations over countless glasses of wine.

Ton amitié a représenté beaucoup pour moi.
...a beaucoup représenté...
Ton amitié a beaucoup compter pour moi.

Multiple suggestions would be welcome. Merci d'avance.
  • So in the present, I guess you could say "ton amitié compte beaucoup pour moi".

    What about something a little less strong, not so much "the friendship means a great deal" but "the friendship is important to me".

    Can you say "ton amitié m'est important"?



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    I like Zoé's suggestion:
    Ton amitié m'a toujours été très précieuse.

    Je trouve cela plus français, moins calqué sur l'anglais.
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