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I am a native speaker Spanish And I am writing a letter for an architect; this letter has to be very formal and I have doubts with this part of the letter:
My deepest wish is to learn more in a prestigious institution like yours. Your magnificent work and your inspiration made me write this letter. I would be deeply gratified if I could count on your help, which, in turn, will help with innovative design in Peru.
I am not sure what this part means .What I mean is that I would be very gratified or thankful if I could count on his help , if it is like this I would rettibute his help with modern designs I could make in the future .
Please try not to change the structure
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    Elduroduroduro, in the English Only forum we require that the person who is asking express a specific doubt or question about a particular part of the sentence. We do not do general review of sentences.

    Could you explain more clearly and exactly what you are asking? Thank you.

    Nunty, moderator
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