Your House Is On Fire!!

Discussion in 'Cultural Discussions' started by Benjy, Dec 10, 2004.

  1. Benjy

    Benjy Senior Member

    Milton Keynes, UK
    English - English
    you can take 3 things. what are they? (a collection of things = one thing)

    for me (being as my current home is a pokey room at university) it would be..

    my pc
    my racing bike (yes i keep that in my room :p)
    my scriptures french/english/hebrew

    post away.. (sorry if this has been done before on this board, but im curious :p)
  2. DDT

    DDT Senior Member

    Paris, France
    Italy - Italian
    My books
    My music
    My Mac

  3. belén

    belén Senior Member

    Spanish, Spain, Catalan, Mallorca
    Unless I can reach an agreement with DDT and use his mac, read his books and listen to his music, I think I will take the same as him.
    No..sorry, I trade the Mac for my dog.
    My dog
    My music
    My books

    (Dan, if you want we can organize something)
  4. DDT

    DDT Senior Member

    Paris, France
    Italy - Italian
    I'll be delighted to share my Mac with you! ;)

  5. Sev

    Sev Senior Member

    Béziers, France
    France, french.
    Can'y you live without your computer ??? :rolleyes:

    Well I think i would take :

    - my brother (he's so funny)
    - my bed (sleeping is my favourite activity)
    - an orange (in case fireman are too long to come, i'll be hungry)
  6. Tormenta

    Tormenta Senior Member

    My kids :rolleyes:
    My laptop
    Our books

    May I have 4 , please? I really need my music :(
  7. VenusEnvy

    VenusEnvy Senior Member

    Maryland, USA
    English, United States
    I read this thread, and thought it was a really interesting and different question. So, I thought, "Ok, I'll respond to this one!" So, I pressed the reply button, and looked around my place to think of something that I would take with me. But, I can't see a single thing that holds real importance to me! I would get my body the hell outta there with the clothes on my back! :D Sorry for the lame response! :eek: :p
  8. DDT

    DDT Senior Member

    Paris, France
    Italy - Italian
    my computer helps me to keep in touch with my friends abroad - consider I'm an Italian living in Paris - to work :eek: and currently to call in here.
    I'm living on my own - so no way to take someone with me while fleeing away from fire
    I don't like sleeping that much - my average sleeping time is around 6 hours per night
    There are a lot of greengrocer's and other shops in the very nearby of mine's

  9. VenusEnvy

    VenusEnvy Senior Member

    Maryland, USA
    English, United States
    That's good to know! I hope it's because he's your brother, and not only because he's funny! he he he :p
  10. Sev

    Sev Senior Member

    Béziers, France
    France, french.
    Yes of course ! But thank you VenusEnvy for being so far away from material things;) ...i love your answer !
  11. araceli Senior Member

    Buenos Aires
    Argentine, Spanish
    We're talking about THINGS?!! No persons :)

    1) My she-dog
    2) Pc
    3) Money
  12. dave

    dave Senior Member

    UK - English
    Assuming that my credit card, mobile phone and car keys are already in my pocket ;) :

    1) Photo albums
    2) Ski boots
    3) Cricket bat
  13. Tomasoria Senior Member

    If the fire catches me sleeping... I'd take:

    - My underpants
    - A pair of jeans
    - a T-shirt

    and sth. else...socks and shoes.

    Now, you know what I'm wearing while I,je,je

    I hate being pointed at on the street and attracting attention.

  14. Sharon

    Sharon Senior Member

    United States, English
    Isn't that funny...VenusEnvy was hoping it was because he is your brother, and here I am hoping that he is the only family member in the house!! Hee,hee:p

    I think that I would take
    1.) My collection of cats. (Well, they ARE a matched set!)
    2.) My collection of quilts made by my mother.
    3.) (...Fretting...) My books NO !!!
    I agree with Dave on this...I want my photo albums.
    Araceli, just out of curiosity, do you have a he-dog you would leave behind? :eek:
  15. Artrella Banned

    My dictionaries- my laptop- my Celtic music

    Kids and hubby are on holidays. I'm alone at home!!!!

    Art :) :p ;)
  16. araceli Senior Member

    Buenos Aires
    Argentine, Spanish
    I have only one dog: a female dog.
    Does the expression "she-dog" be wrong?
    Please, correct me, thanks.
  17. Sharon

    Sharon Senior Member

    United States, English

    A female dog is a "bitch," but it just wouldn't sound right to say "I would take my bitch." :eek: :D :p

    I was just curious because since you named the gender, it made it sound as if there was a male you were NOT taking! I have never heard "she-dog." I think you could sum it up by saying, "I would take my dog." :)
  18. araceli Senior Member

    Buenos Aires
    Argentine, Spanish
    Ah, thanks.
    I realize that I'm in trouble with the gender in English...
  19. VenusEnvy

    VenusEnvy Senior Member

    Maryland, USA
    English, United States
    lol he he he he he Ok, it's really not funny, but, still . . lol
  20. walnut

    walnut Senior Member

    Italy - Italian
    My bass
    My Mac
    and... my music or my books?

    Aaaaargh!!! Just like: mum or dad, who do you love best?

    Ciao! :) Walnut
  21. Philippa

    Philippa Senior Member

    Britain - English
    my teddy bear!! :) :D

    How many dictionaries do you have, Art?
  22. Artrella Banned


    8 hard back, 2 huge Grammar books, and 7 in the computer (installed with cd rom) That's for English only.
    2 hard back German, 3 installed in pc
    1 Italian hard back
    Then dictionaries of catch phrases, proverbs....

    You do the calculations... I have to go.... house is on fire!!! :eek:

    Bye Phil. Art (what's Art ja ja !!) :thumbsup:
  23. Silvia

    Silvia Senior Member

    Starting from the point that we have no limits about people and we just have to choose among three THINGS, and assuming that my credit card & papers, mobile phone & car keys are already in my pocket ;), first of all I would open the window and throw out all the clothes I can and binders (in Italy without evidence of tax payments and so on you'd better not survive :D), then I would take with me:

    albums (that includes almost everything: CDs, LPs, DVDs, pictures)
    my laptop
    my books
  24. onetwothreegood Member

    New Zealand - English
    i wouldnt take the dog with me, i'd open the door to his room and let him outside :p

    I'd take my drums, bass guitar and guitar. well i would, if the drum kit wasnt so big.

    Music is life. Learning and music. It seems i'm into everything opposite to people my age. which is why all my friends are older i guess.... so logical.
  25. lsp

    lsp Senior Member

    US, English
    My sweet dog, Charlie (a she-dog with a he-name), a Boston Terrier.
    My MAC (that covers the photos, the music and the so much more)
    My handbag (that covers phone, car keys, money, and so much more)

    May it never happen to any of us!!!!!
  26. el_novato

    el_novato Senior Member

    No problem, I can take your Mac. :D

  27. Learning Senior Member

    Hello! Supposing I could only take THINGS. The things I'd take with me would be:
    - My clothes
    - My credit card
    - My PC
  28. gotitadeleche Senior Member

    Texas, U.S.A.
    U.S.A. English
    I would like to grab my photo albums and my books, but I would be too busy trying to round up my three cats. The three dogs (two she-dogs and a he-dog) are outside dogs, so I don't have to worry about them.
  29. jacinta Senior Member

    USA English
    I must come over to the Cultural Forum more. There're so many interesting things going on here! I hate thinking about this, but my list is similar:
    my kids
    my dog and cat (my animals, then they count as one thing!)
    my bike -sorry, but it's expensive and I can't live without it!!
  30. summertime New Member

    australia english
    I'd take my 17yr old cat, my photos , my jewellery
  31. Sharon

    Sharon Senior Member

    United States, English
    :eek: I have said it before, and I'll say it again, herding cats is nearly impossible!! :eek: :p Thankfully, mine think that if I am going out, they ought to go out, so all I would have to do is jingle my keys by the front door!!

  32. Mackinder

    Mackinder Senior Member

    Español (Colombia)
    Nice! A game thread!!! :)

    When I was younger, all I cared about saving in a such a scenario was my videogames (videogames themselves, controllers, game cases, consoles, bags) but now hmmm I don't know I think I'd just go downstairs super quickly honestly I can't think of anything that would come to mind for me to save at that moment maybe a coat because of coldness out there specially at nights but anyway here's my list:

    1) Videogames
    2) Plushies
    3) Blankets/coat
  33. doinel

    doinel Senior Member

    Southern France
    France French
    1) My cat, provided I can catch her and she's not hiding;)
    2) My MAC.
    2) my purse.
    I couldn't find soon enough which books to choose.
    Once the insurance company has paid for the losses, i'll buy a Kindle.
  34. Codinome Shlomo Senior Member

    Portuguese (Brazil)
    All you guys have Macs? I knew it! Every linguist is a hipster.
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2013

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