Your request will be 'entertained' within four hours.


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Your request will be entertained within four hours.

The above sentence is in relation to a company which has to handle clients' requests. Is the word 'entertained' correctly used?

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    I don't like that one at all, Karen. I find it very confusing. Sometimes people use "entertain" to mean "consider", but it seems very odd in this context. I suggest you use something else. "Addressed", "dealt with", or "considered" could all work depending on your exact meaning.

    Can you tell me in other words what you are trying to say? If you can, then somebody will surely come up with a good suggestion. :)


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    Umm, I could use "entertain" with the meaning you have in mind when I generally talk about whether some institution is willing or has the right/jurisdiction to "consider" something, e.g.:

    We don't entertain such requests/applications.

    But when you talk about this in more specific terms, as in the example above, I really think it's better to use some of the phrases suggested by Owlman.


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    I also agree with Owlman. "Will be entertained" has a tone of "we'll consider it", and that's not what a client making a request wants to hear. The client wants to hear addressed or dealt with, as Owlman suggested; handled is another possibility. The word should assure the client that action will be taken in response to the request.


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    Entertain, in this sense, seems to me to be generally used in negative sentences. I wouldn't entertain such a proposal.

    It's just an impression.


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    I looked back at a few messages I received in response to complaints :)

    None of them were passive.

    We will reply to you as soon as we can.

    We will respond to you as soon as possible or within 30 calendar days.

    So I suggest that Karen's message should be active, not passive, and should say when something will happen that the client will know about.
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