Your solitude is welcome.

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  • Rusak963

    Senior Member
    Could you please translate me this sentence into Polish.

    I know "to be welcome" :

    1)mogący (czymś) dysponować, mający pozwolenie,
    2)być mile widzianym.
    Why don't you try translating it yourself first? Is this sentence the only one you got or is it a part of an excerpt? If so, then please provide that excerpt.


    New Member
    This sentence has no sense, or this is some kind of poetry. To be honest, I don't know it's correct, but in normal language I never heard a phrase like this.


    Senior Member
    Hard to tell...

    It can either mean "Oh, you're yet another lonely man? Why don't you join our little club then?" or "When you're sick with people around you it's good to be alone for a while" or "Hey, stranger. I'm happy to see no ring on your fingers." etc.

    I think the best translation will be possible if you give some more context.
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