Your ungrateful I done more than promise


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Dear sirs and madams,
while reading biography of Oscar Wilde by Richard Ellmann,I read the following sentence,which I found unable to make out. Please explain the meaning of the following sentence,I shall be highly obliged.
While Wilde was in prison,contrary to all jail authorities,one warder was very kind to him. Wilde requested him to procure a daily newspaper for him and he pulled it through though it was against jail rules. Then Wilde wrote a thanksgiving note to the warder. At the bottom of the note Martin(warder) penciled a reply,''Your ungrateful I done more than promise.''
Please explain meaning of the sentence with an emphasis on 'I done' because I think it should have been 'I did'.
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    Oscar Wilde The Aftermath, H. Montogomery Hyde
    [The] letters of Warden Martin who was a guard at Reading during Oscar's incarceration are included, and it's amazing how articulate he was in his later years. A far cry from the young guard who once wrote an irritated note to Oscar after Oscar chided him gently for promising to bring him a newspaper: "Your [sic] ungrateful!" Martin wrote, "I done more than promise!" (Source)

    What this means is "You're ungrateful! I did more than promise (I actually did it.)"

    In the quoted passage, the writer says "it's amazing how articulate he (the guard) was in later years" -- meaning that he wasn't so articulate when he was younger and wrote that note (because it has "your" rather than "you're" and "done" rather than "did."