you're a pip and a half

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Is someone familiar with the meaning of that?

It is said in episode 3x03 of Boardwalk Empire, to a weird guy in one of his weird moments. It sounds as if it could be replaced by "you're something else" or something like that. "Pip and a half" shows almost a million results in Google, but no definition. And idea?

Thanks :)
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    I am not familiar with pip and a half, but I am familiar with pip, which has two slang meanings that might be applicable. Unfortunately, they contradict each other, so only context can tell you which is meant. If the context is complimentary, then what pip means here is "exceptional person." If the context is derogatory - and that does seem more likely, given the description you provide of the character - then the meaning is "irritating person." The and a half part just means "to a great degree," so the entire phrase means either "you're very irritating" or "you're really exceptional."
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