You're as welcome as the flowers in May

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    May is spring. It symbolizes the time when everything blossoms, flowers show up, and generally the green and colourful atmosphere makes we want to welcome it after gloomy winter.


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    I don't know. I just feel that it doesn't really symbolize anything, except that the flowers came up in May.

    Language Hound

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    "April showers bring May flowers" is also something that came to mind as I read the first post.
    It is a saying which refers to all the rain that falls during the month of April and eventually leads
    to so many flowers blooming during the month of May.

    Just as we are so happy to see and to welcome all the flowers during the month of May,
    so were the family and friends happy to see the young man upon his return to Ireland.
    He was as "gladly received" as the flowers in May.

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    It must hard to imagine the psychological effects of the seasons and their symbolism if one lives in a place that doesn't have four seasons. In this quote. only flowers are mentioned, but May is also the time of rebirth, regrowth and courting, associated with traditional dances and festivities, such as the crowning of a 'May Queen', dancing round the May pole, in England, and the 'May tree' in parts of Germany when the young men would fix young trees coming into leaf to the houses of their sweethearts. The first day of May is an official holiday in many European countries.



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    There's an old saying: "March winds bring April showers; April showers bring May flowers." This describes the weather thought to be typical of each month. Often the typical weather doesn't happen. But the saying is still quoted.

    "Welcome as the flowers in May" means very welcome.
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