you're being aloof

Hien Pham

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Hi everyone,

I found "aloof" in this below context and a little bit confused about its meaning. I hope you can help me to explain it. (in "Words and Pictures" movie).
When Art Honors teacher, Dina tries to protect her point of view about pictures that they are better than words. Words are just lies and traps. So she draws some drawings to illustrate something instead of using words as Honors English teacher (Marc) does. When Marc sees them, he comes to her office. Then Dina says this:

- Beyond the boxing imagery, is there a point?
- Oh, I get it. You're being aloof. No, that's fine. We need loof
s. Do you know where the word "aloof" comes from?
  • jmichaelm

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    There is a pun in here. The word "aloof" has the same initial sound as the word "a" so he makes the pun of "aloof" >> "a loof". There is no such word as "loof".
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