You're doing great!

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  1. ajamiyya عجمية Senior Member

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    I know that this, translated literally, is nonsense. I would like to gather variants in different dialects which are used in the same manner as this phrase. please. For instance, when a woman is in labor and the nurses want to encourage and cheer her on, they tell her, "You're doing great!" over and over. The more suggestions, the better.

  2. Linolenic Senior Member

    In MSA "إنك تقوم\تقومين بعمل رائع"
    In Jordan we don't use such expression.. we just say ممتاز\ممتازة or كويّس كتير
  3. ajamiyya عجمية Senior Member

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    Thanks for the reply. I agree that the MSA translation is very stiff and unnatural. I am thinking that it is more appropriate to say things such as ما شاء الله كل شي على ما يرام أنت شجاعه الله يخليك and etc.

    May I have some more input, please?
  4. ahmedcowon Senior Member

    what I can remember now is:
    ربنا يقويكم
    عفارم عليكم
  5. LUHG Member

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    I've never been in a delivery room but I can imagine them saying '' ممتاز - أحسنتِ - كويس ''
  6. Hoha54

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    In saudish or in gulf countries dialects/ كمان- أحسنتِ- شدي حيلك - إستمري
  7. إسكندراني

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    Words of encouragement
    MSA: أحسنت
    Egyptian: برافو، جدعة، شدي حيلك، ياللا، أيوة، ها، هانت
  8. ajamiyya عجمية Senior Member

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    Thanks for the replies. Could somebody please expound on the meaning/usages for شدي حيلك and جدعة?

    Ah, yes;
    أحسنت it is, Iskandarani. I think that is a very well-suited MSA parallel meaning for "You did great!"

    I want dialect Words of Encouragement, too, 'though. So, hand 'em over, guys, and do identify the dialect cluster they belong to.



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