You're golden


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Hi guys

"The SlingPlayer app for the iPhone was finally added to the App Store. Its $30 but since AT&T doesnt want you slinging your TV shows over their network, itll only work when an iPhone or iPod Touch is on WiFi. If watching TV on your phone in the bathroom is worth $30, youre golden. But for a lot of people, the WiFi-only limitation is going to be a deal breaker."

What does "you're golden" mean?

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Thank you very much!
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  • Alxmrphi

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    Never heard it before but I understand it to be a colloquialism, we have a similar one in the UK (you're sorted!) - it just means then it's a good thing for you.
    I can't tell you how common it is, maybe it's new American slang I don't know... but it's easy to tell the meaning from the surrounding context.


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    In general "you're golden" = "you're set/good to go" or "you have everything you need". That's the meaning here.

    It is AE, but it's not terribly common in my experience.


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    I think I've heard it more times in TV or movies than I've heard it personally. It means the sames as "you're set," to me, sort of like saying "and now you don't have anything else to worry about."


    For some reason I seem to hear it a lot from people who are associated with the military. Maybe that's where it came from.