You're no quitter

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  • andrew_g2

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    Hi angel8848,

    no, I can´t tell the difference between the two - they mean the same.
    In fact there are four possible versions which mean the same:

    You're no quitter
    You are no quitter
    You're not a quitter
    You are not a quitter

    the only small difference is that "you are" is more formal than "you're"

    hope this helps


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    Thanks a lot for your explanation. I was wondering if you could also tell me whether it is synonymous too in the following sentence structure:

    "I am no better than you." & "I am not better than you"?


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    The difference between two sentences is one of them "you are not a quitter" is like, I know you are not a quitter, is a fact to me that you are not a quitter but the other one is more assuming that "you are no quitter" you shouldnt quit but I dont know as a fact that if you are a quitter or not however I wish to think you are no quitter. I assume that this is how these two sentences differs in their contexts.


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    The first one is more colloquial. That's the only difference I see.
    Note that this thread is from 2008.
    cemm, welcome to the forum! I notice that you have mistakenly listed English as one of your native languages. You can change that in the settings.
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