You're not wearing that dress!

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    The English sentence is: "You're not wearing that dress!"

    I noticed that this type of command in English is expressed in the present continuous form (e.g. "I am wearing the dress."), though the meaning is closer to the imperative mood (e.g. "Wear the dress!"). But this really seems to fall somewhere in between.

    Interestingly, most of the examples that I can think of would typically be said by a parent to their child. A couple other examples in the same command-ish form would be "You're not going to the party!", and "You're staying home today!"

    So my question is, would the proper German translation be "Du trägst den Rock nicht!", or "Trag(e) den Rock nicht!", or something else?
  2. Demiurg

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    Hello Ires and welcome to the forum.

    If the addressee is your teenage daughter you could say:

    Du ziehst (mir) dieses Kleid nicht an!
    Du wirst (mir) dieses Kleid nicht anziehen!

    "mir" is the dativus ethicus.
  3. Arukami Senior Member

    Dieser Rock kommt mir nicht in die Tüte!

    ... is just what crossed my mind. :)
  4. Bahiano

    Bahiano Senior Member

    Hi Ires, and welcome to this forum!

    reviewing all the statements I gave/heard in my life, other options are:

    - Den Rock kannst du vergessen!
    - Mit diesem Rock gehst du nicht vor die Tür!
    - Wage es nicht / Denk nicht dran, den Rock anzuziehen! (rather a threat)
    - Wehe, du ziehst diesen Rock an! (rather threatful, as well)

    Cheers, Bahiano
  5. HermanTheGerman Senior Member

    The translation varies depending on the exact meaning and the tone of your voice.

    a) "You're not wearing that dress!" [= I honestly cannot believe that you actually intend to wear this unflattering/skimpy dress.]

    Du willst doch nicht etwa dieses Kleid anziehen??!!

    b) "You're not wearing that dress!" [= I won't allow it.]

    Dieses Kleid ziehst Du auf gar keinen Fall an!

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