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  1. wmott1 Member

    How would one say in Castellano 'You're so welcome!'

    'De nada mucho?'

    That doesn't sound right at all to me....
  2. LucíaV Senior Member

    Spanish Spain
    We say: "De nada". Actually we do not have specially enfatic ways of saying it (none that I can remember at least). However, if we want to make the other person feel more comfortable we use expressions like: "Cuando quiera(s)" (Anytime) / "Ha sido un placer" (My pleasure; in a more formal context).
    The tone and a smile will make the difference!
  3. dudewallaby

    dudewallaby Senior Member

    Venezuela - Spanish
    We simply use "de nada", "por nada" or "no hay de que".

  4. Txiri

    Txiri Senior Member

    USA English
    There are other ways to express "You're welcome" besides "De nada ..."

    But sticking with "De nada", you might add, "De nada, en absoluto."

    Or, "De nadita ..."

    Remember that "You are well-come" is a frozen phrase, and doesn't mean anything literally. You can expect that in a second language, a comparable similar sentiment is also in frozen language.

    "De nada" does not really mean "you're welcome" but implies rather "It's nothing."

    Important point: one phrase in language one does not plug into any system and automatically mean a set of words in the second language.
  5. bailarín

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    Ciudadano del mundo
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    These are some other ways other than the traditional "you're welcome" phrases: mi placer, es mi placer, el placer es mío, gracias a ti, gracias a ustedes, no hay problema, esta vez es la última vez, cállate ya, cállense ya.

    You can use the last three with friends who keep thanking you and you just want them to be quiet. I told you I'd give you some non-traditional ways. ;)
  6. wmott1 Member

    Muchas gracias a todos de ustedes!
  7. dudewallaby

    dudewallaby Senior Member

    Venezuela - Spanish
    De nada! JAJAJAJA


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