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Hello everyone,
how can I use the expression You're such a peach referred to a guy/man?
I mean, is there an equivalent way for guys/men?
  • I have never thought that speaking of someone as a "peach" necessarily implied they were a girl/woman. It isn't a very common expression, but I should think most men would be quite flattered to be called a "peach". I am not aware of any negative sexual connotations.

    According to the following source (click here), the word peach refers to
    someone or something which is excellent or very pleasing
    The very first thought that sprung to my mind was, of course, its sexual context. Here I wouldn't use the word in question in reference to males. (Maybe if they have exceptional lips....I think I've said too much, far too much.:D)
    I've never heard someone say "you're such a peach". I do sometimes hear people say things like "Thanks. You're a peach." in a context where I would say "Thanks. You're a real lifesaver." A lot of the people I've heard using it are women, but they use it to refer to either sex.
    I agree with Franzi. I think you've got the gender issue slightly mixed up. In general, girls say it to either sex, while guys do not say it at all. (At least I don't.)

    And yeah, "You're a peach" (without "such") is used to express gratitude, similar to "That was kind/helpful of you (to do what you did)."

    You would never say to your friend, "Yeah I really like John. He's such a peach." That sounds weird. :)
    I have never heard the word "peach" used in any sexual context. I can't think it is that common, not in BE anyway.

    It might be my native language that seems to be blurring the correct understanding of the word. Here in Poland (at least among the people I hang out with) the word peach definitely has some sexual connotations.

    Urban Dictionary says:

    peach - nice ass pussy(vagina); A nicely shaped, and usually freshly shaved vulva, typically characterized by large labia majora (outer lips) and small, if not invisible, labia minora (inner lips).
    I am an AmE who am unfamiliar with the sexual association of "peach", but have frequently heard it used as Brian describes in post #5.

    Possibly there are some who use it as a sexual reference, but I don't think this association is wide-spread. For instance, when I do a web-search for "a real peach", I find phrase freely used as a term of approval in all sorts of contexts, from blogs to newspaper articles.

    [I will be careful not to say it in Polish, though, now that I have been warned.]
    I don't think "Thanks, you're a peach" would ever be understood as "you have a nice ass" or some such.

    "She has nice peaches" might, but I've never heard of the use, but then, I'm out of the world of urban (or rural) slang.
    [I will be careful not to say it in Polish, though, now that I have been warned.]

    It's not like this that you should be careful not to say it; just bear in mind the fact that in certain circumstances it might work this way.:)

    By the way, I'm far from being a good representative of my nation.:D My friends are different; they tend to associate almost everything with sex. (I don't.:eek:)

    PS Every time I tell my (teenage) students that the fruit is "peach", it always makes them giggle, since, in Polish, there is a taboo word (pronounced the same way) that means "cunt". (It's an example of old-fashioned slang, I think.)
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    Mmm, I think you've got some interference from Polish going on there, audio. Much as I love double-entendres, I don't see any here.

    Mind you, I don't say, "you're a peach" (in my mind's 'ear', I hear this only with a North American accent).

    I do say "you're a star" with pretty much the same meaning, and student acquaintances have recently taught me to say "you're a legend":cool:
    I'd compare "you're (such) a peach" to "you're such a darling." I've never considered it to have a negative meaning.

    Though I do remember a semi-political cartoon commenting on president Reagan's charisma and personality: his fictional political opponents in that comic strip had to admit that the most "scurrilous" part about him was that he was such a pleasant, nice person, finishing their discussion with the slogan "Impeach the peach!"
    In view of the original query, I really don't think it is necessary to quote obscure, and frankly, obscene definitions of the word "peach". The trouble with on-line sources of information, including Urban Dictionary, Wikipaedia and, indeed, this forum, is that they are in no way authoratitive, and there is no way of telling if some of the definitions given are genuinely widely-used.

    Furthermore, I don't think it is helpful to the original poster to suggest that they are likely to be commiting some sort of linguistic faux-pas if they use an inoccuous expression like "you're such a peach", even if it isn't exactly the form a native-speaker would use.
    I'm Australian and I would only say "Thanks, you are SUCH a peach" sarcastically, if someone was blatantly unhelpful. I say "You're a peach" a lot to all genders in place of "that was nice of you" or "you are a lifesaver"