You're such an asshole

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by stitch1, Jul 9, 2007.

  1. stitch1 Member

    Long Beach
    USA- English
    How do you say "Your such an:warn: asshole" in Italian
  2. underhouse Senior Member

    Sei proprio un :warn: coglione!
  3. Victoria32

    Victoria32 Senior Member

    New Zealand
    English (UK) New Zealand
    Er, sorry, it should be ""You're such an asshole", as it's a contraction of "you are"...

  4. L'Stevo Member

    Bogotá, Colombia
    English - USA
    "Stronzo" is the word I've grown to love for those occasions.
  5. kittykate

    kittykate Senior Member

    Pavia, Italy
    Italy - Italian
  6. furs

    furs Senior Member

    I second Stevo and kittykate. The proposed term is the one which is semantically more equivalent in current (very colloquial) Italian usage.
  7. pomar Senior Member

    On my opinion, there's a little difference. Both are rude words, but I think *c......e* is somewhat stronger.
  8. tee_luna

    tee_luna Senior Member

    Italy, italian

    sei proprio un :warn:cazzone:warn:
  9. bLux Senior Member

    Reggio Emilia(purtroppo!)
    Italy, Italian
    Una volta l'ho chiesto anch'io ad un'amica madrelingua e lei me l'ha tradotto letteralmente come :warn:buco di culo:warn:... Noi non lo usiamo, direi che :warn:stronzo:warn: si avvicina di più.
  10. Mrs.Mustaine Senior Member

    Bergamo, Italy
    My two cents:
    :warn:"stronzo":warn: sounds less as a joke, while i would more use :warn:"coglione":warn: or :warn:"cazzone":warn: or :warn:"pirla":warn: joking.
    I think the answer, as usual, differs if you ask a Northern Italian or a Southern Italian.
  11. horseman Senior Member

    Italy, Campania
    Could someone tell me how to say asshole in the dialect of Caserta? Thanks!

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