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Hello everyone!

I would like please to say in Chinese:

"It doesn’t work like this in China and anyway, you're still a student and you're too stuck in your University books! Working is not like theory at school".

This was what said my internship tutor when I told him why there was not cross-cultural management and trainings in the firm where i was carrying out my internship this summer in Beijing.

Here are the expressions i have problems with: "it doesn't work like this"; "anyway..."; "you're too stuck in your books"; "Working is not like theory at shcool". Some of the idioms above-mentionned are particularly litteral and are quite arduous to thoroughly translate.

Many thank you in advance fellows! ;)

Thank you very much in advance!
  • donnamatch

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    Mandarin Chinese
    it doesn't work like this: 这样行不通
    you're too stuck in your books: 你太拘泥于书本了
    working is not like theory at school: 工作可不同于学校里的理论

    so here's the whole sentence:
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