You're welcome to her

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Gabriele MI

Hi all, I'm doubtful about this expression, said in the Camelot Series, when a king guard (called Gawain) renounced to have sex with a prostitute and he told his war-mate ""You're welcome to her" handing the prostitute over to him.

The whole dialogue is as following:

War-mate :"Leaving the partyso soon, Gawain?"
Gawain :"You're welcome to her."
War-mate :"Well, come on, then!

My attempt is: "Sei il benvenuto a lei."
  • Gabriele MI

    Perhaps may it be an idiomatic expression? Something of the kind "be welcome to"? I'm in trouble to figure it out as it isn't defined in WR Dictionary. I hope someone may help me.


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    you're welcome to it definition | English dictionary for learners | Reverso! " If you say that someone is welcome to something, you mean that you do not want it yourself because you do not like it and you are very willing for them to have it".
    You are welcome to it
    be welcome to significato a Cambridge Dizionario Inglese "informal› If someone is welcome to someone or something, they can have it or do it, especially because it is not wanted by anyone else: You're welcome to it - I can never get it to work right".
    Ha ragione L'Enrico :)
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