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Hi everyone,

When I got off the school shuttle last night I said "thank you very much" to the driver who is a native english speaker. He replied "you're welcome very much " in a kind of strange tone. I was curious if I can say "you're welcome very much" instead of "you are very welcome".

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Any comments are appreciated. Thanks.
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    1. No. He was slightly making fun of you. His answer isn't natural English, and was echoing your 'thank you very much', which is a bit too strong for just getting off a bus.


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    I would say that "Thank you very much" is rather uncommon in an everyday setting, and could easily come off as sarcastic. The bus driver was most likely being sarcastic, as entangledbank mentioned.


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    I am not sure that the driver was being sarcastic, if he seemed friendly in other ways. Sometimes people echo speech like that as a way of being friendly, as a sort of joke.


    Thank you guys. I said that because he did me a favor. He droped me off right in front of my apartment. He really did not have to do so. Yeah, like Cagey said, I think he was making a joke friendly.
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