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Hello everybody,

A man and his son, in their house. The storm is roaring and we can see flashes of lightening out the windows.

Son : The power just went out! My Sleep Number bed is stuck on the nap setting.
Father: Calm down. This is exactly why I sprung for a new generator. Which, you're welcome, just
kicked in.

What is the meaning of "you're welcome" here ? Something like "at your service" ?

Thank you for your help !
  • Erebos12345

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    Canadian English

    I would guess that the father is teasing the son a little.

    You're welcome has the normal meaning of de rien, y'a pas de quoi etc. but in this case, there was no thank you preceding it, and he interjected it in a very awkward part of his sentence. He's essentially saying "This is exactly why I sprung for a new generator. Which, by the way:you're welcome, just
    kicked in."

    Perhaps the son always argued with his dad that they didn't need a generator, and now the father has been proven right all along. The son may be too stubborn to admit he was wrong and thank his father, so his father sort of rubs it in the son's face by saying you're welcome. He's implying that they both know that the son should be admitting that he was wrong and thanking his father.


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    You're totally right : he's teasing his son.
    The son is always grumbling because he fears his little life would be somewhat ruined ;)


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    I think this ironic meaning is also implied in Quaeitur's Pas la peine de me remercier, which is a very good translation here.


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    I also like the irony of Quaeiter's Pas la peine de me remercier.
    @ petit1 : If I changed the word order of your suggestion as : Ne me remercie pas, surtout! ... I think it would sound bitter, more than teasing.


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    You are right, Nico. I meant it as bitter because I thought the son was not a great help in the house.
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