1. Annie Julious New Member

    Spanish - Spain
    Please, could you tell me how to translate into Spanish the expression

    Yours in service, ?

    This is found at the end of a letter as a final salute with Christian conotation.

    It could be, "Atentamente en el ministerio" ?

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  2. frida-nc

    frida-nc Moduladora

    North Carolina
    English USA
    Hi Annie,
    I would guess it's short for "Yours in the Lord's service/ in God's service." I haven't seen this particular phrasing, but that would make sense in your context.

    I did find a few examples of "Atentamente en el servicio al Señor" si te parece adecuado.
  3. Lis48

    Lis48 Senior Member

    York, England
    English - British
    It just means, at your service, ready to help. ¿¿Estamos al servicio de usted??
    It is used at the end of a business letter usually when a company is apologising.
    It does not need to have religious connotations.
    e.g. How Iberia Customer Services might end a letter to me in response to a complaint that my plane had been delayed a long time.
  4. Suaiff Member

    Spanish - Spain
    Maybe you could use something like?

    "Quedamos a su disposición"
    "Quedando a su disposición"
  5. Annie Julious New Member

    Spanish - Spain
    Definitivamente la conotación es cristiana.

    Supongo que lo que suena mejor en castellano sería Atentamente en el Servicio al Señor.

    Thank you all for your help.

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