za 1 dziesiątą mili


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Hi everyone, I'm a bit confused, can anyone tell me what this sentence means?

za 1 dziesište mili

Many Thanks
  • Thomas1

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    polszczyzna warszawska
    Were it in Polish it would have to read: za 1/10 mili, 0,1 mili or za jedną dziesiątą mili, it may mean in 0,1 of a mile.



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    It's an encoding issue on some sites, e.g. here. It shows š everywhere ą should be.

    Yeah, that's what happens when you don't use safe UTF-8 encoding - some characters get misrepresented.

    And so, Polish letter "ą" is sometimes represented by "š".

    Anyway, it still wouldn't be in a correct form:

    "za 1 dziesiąte mili" should rather be: "za 1 dziesiątą mili"

    Unless you change "1" into something else:

    "za 2 dziesiąte mili" sounds much better.

    The meaning would be "after 1 tenth (2 tenths) of a mile".