Za pohodu

Discussion in 'Čeština (Czech)' started by Kamila_Poland, Aug 4, 2013.

  1. Kamila_Poland Member

    Hi. So I've heard this phrase. Does it mean something like "spontaneously", "on a whim", something like that?
    Thanks in advance :)
  2. morior_invictus

    morior_invictus Senior Member

    Hi Kamila,

    could you tell us more (a context) or give us a complete sentence in which you have heard those two words? Thank you.

    P.S. I can't imagine any situation where it could mean "spontaneously" or "on a whim."
  3. littledogboy

    littledogboy Senior Member

    It doesn't mean anything.
  4. bibax Senior Member

    Pohoda means well-being, contentment, peace of mind, heart's ease.

    Děkujeme vám za pohodu, která/kterou ... = We thank you for well-being/contentment that ...
  5. ilocas2 Senior Member

  6. Enquiring Mind

    Enquiring Mind Senior Member

    UK/Česká republika
    English - the Queen's
    V pohodě hoši! Kamila asi má v úmyslu 'za pochodu'.

    Hello Kamila_Poland. Did you mean 'za pochodu'? If so, it literally means 'on the march' and could, therefore, be translated loosely as "on a whim", "spontaneously", "as you go along", "off the top of your head" and so forth. As always, a full sentence and proper context (what was happening when the sentence was said) would help.
  7. bibax Senior Member

    To je v "poho". Kamila má asi na mysli "za pochodu".

    It didn't occur to me, albeit I know that the Poles are not too good in distinguishing 'h' and 'ch'.

    Všichni se učíme za pochodu.
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  8. Enquiring Mind

    Enquiring Mind Senior Member

    UK/Česká republika
    English - the Queen's
    Díky za opravu bibaxi! Sám jsem se nad tím 'v úmyslu' pozastavil, ale nějak mi to nedošlo.
  9. wtfpwnage Member

    za pochodu = while marching

    mozna na pohodu? Kontext "Zvladl jsem to na pohodu". To je spis slang. Neco jako ze jsem to zvladl bez problemu.
  10. Tchesko

    Tchesko Senior Member

    Paris 12
    Zvládl jsem to...
    • na jedničku = perfectly
    • na první pokus / napoprvé = on the 1st try / attempt
    • na pohodu? to jsem ještě nikdy neslyšel...

    I agree that in the absence of any further context, "za pochodu" seems to make most sense.
  11. littledogboy

    littledogboy Senior Member

    Kudos to Enquiring Mind is all I can say.
  12. Enquiring Mind

    Enquiring Mind Senior Member

    UK/Česká republika
    English - the Queen's
    :eek: You are too kind, littledogboy. Maybe it was just easier for me to see the issue from a non-native's perspective. While I don't confuse "h" and "ch", I still continue to make other mistakes - even ones that I know are wrong. :( Anyway, it appears we got there in the end with some interesting thoughts from the other contributors too.
  13. Hrdlodus

    Hrdlodus Senior Member

    Já naopak slyšel a po přečtení nadpisu jsem také myslel, že Kamila měla na mysli "na pohodu".
    Zvládnout něco na pohodu. Bez problémů. Místo zvládnout něco v pohodě, zvládnout to tak, že se dostanu na pohodový stav.
  14. Kamila_Poland Member

    Diky, to by melo byt tohle! Mate pravdu, slysela jsem spatne h (v polstine take mame h a ch, ale cte se to stejne) :)
    Kdyz jde o kontext, bylo to v dilu "Doctor Who" s ceskym dubbingem, nekdo rekl, ze nema zaden plan, proste vymysli, ted uz vim, ZA POCHODU :)

    Diky mockrat.

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