1. Sirenchen New Member

    English - U.S.

    What does the word "zafado" mean as an adjective in relation to people? I heard it used by a Mexican-American and it seemed to refer to someone who had lost it or was a little bit crazy. Is that correct? And is this an offensive word? How is it commonly understood?

  2. Nicklas01 Senior Member

    'Zafado' from the verb 'zafar' means 'crazy' but in a much more colloquial way, and this is an example of how i've heard it:

    Tu amigo esta bien zafado = Tu amigo esta loco (your friend is crazy)
    Tu amigo esta bien zafado de la cabeza = Tu amigo esta loco (your friend is crazy)

    And it's commonly used here in Mexico
  3. aloofsocialite

    aloofsocialite Senior Member

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    Por curiosidad ¿"zafado" se usa en otros países?
  4. dexterciyo

    dexterciyo Senior Member

    Español - Canarias
    Por aquí se usa con el sentido de 'atrevido', 'osado'.

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