Zamknij usta przyjaciela!

Discussion in 'Polski (Polish)' started by hockey101, Feb 27, 2013.

  1. hockey101 New Member

    Zabne Pisk Ponya!

    zamknij usta przyjaciela!

    Which one is correct?
  2. dreamlike

    dreamlike Senior Member

    'Zabne Pisk Ponya!' is completely meaningless to me, and 'Zamknij usta przyjaciela!' translates into English as 'Close the mouth of your friend!', and is perfectly correct. Where did you come across those?
  3. ChipMacShmon

    ChipMacShmon Senior Member

    j. polski
    I think that it should be written as follows:

    1. Zamknij pysk, poniał! --> it's only my guess
    2. Zamknij usta przyjacielu! --> 'Zamknij usta przyjaciela!' is a valid phrase but I can't remember hearing it.

    Poniał -this is Russianism, and it is supposed to mean: did you understand.

    This is offensive and vulgar language... used when telling someone to shut up.
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  4. LilianaB Banned

    US New York
    I think you might be right. It is not that vulgar, compared to many other phrases floating around. Not very polite. I find it more funny than vulgar. It does not have any obscenities at least.
  5. hockey101 New Member

    I thought Zabne pisk ponya meant shut your mouth friend and my older sister told me that and i found that other one on google translate which told me that it meant shut your mouth friend (which i know google translate isn't really reliable)
  6. polish.language New Member

    zabne pisk sounds like zamknij pysk, but ponya does not sound like any Polish word.
  7. LilianaB Banned

    US New York
    Ponyal is a Russian word, but I think they may use it sometimes in slang -- in Polish, with the meaning of "understand". "Do you understand" -- to a man, only, "ponyala", would be used referring to a woman. It is not a Polish word, though. Just like "verstanden". I think it is also used in Polish sometimes.

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