zapatillas de estar por casa

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  1. Anita hk Senior Member

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    zapatillas de estar por casa

    Is 'de estar por casa' a set phrase? I understand each word but don't know the meaning of the phrase. What kind of slippers is this?
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    This are "zapatillas de andar por casa". :D

  3. andylopez

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    the cheapest ones you can find ... the most comfortable ... the ones with which you'd never go to the shop around the corner ... just for home use.
  4. Alificacion

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    Both "de andar por casa" and "de estar por casa" are fine.
    It applies to all those clothes you use for being comfortable when you're at home, not only pyjamas or nightclothes but also worn out t-shirts, old sport trousers or whatever you can use that is too old/worn out/out of fashion to go out to the street with, but you still use at home.

    Una camiseta de andar por casa; Los domingos salgo a por el periódico en zapatillas de andar por casa, etc.

    Also, in a broader sense, whatever device, facility or installation you have that is not professional, nor high-tech, but rather home-made and/or low range, but it still works for you:

    En vez de comprar una batería de marca por 100 euros, he comprado una de andar por casa que me costó 2 euros.

    Como no tenía un cable tan largo, he hecho uno de andar por casa empalmando 4 cables cortos, espero que funcionen.

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