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  1. XOVsquare New Member


    I'm working on a poster and would like some help with the copy.
    Obviously, I don't want to blindly copy Google Translate, so that's why I'm here :)

    The text goes as follows:

    A Takeshi Kitano film:

    The blind swordsman.

    Takeshi Kitano
    Tadanobu Asano
    Michiyo ÔkusuGadarukanaru Taka

    Thanks so much for your help.

  2. shin1ro New Member

    Hi Hans san,

    A Takeshi Kitano film:
    北野 武 作品

    Zatoichi - The blind swordsman.


    Takeshi Kitano
    北野 武

    Tadanobu Asano
    浅野 忠信

    Michiyo Ôkusu
    大楠 道代

    Gadarukanaru Taka

    Zatoichi consists of two parts, 座頭(zatō = blindman) and 市(Ichi = hero's given name),
    actually no "swordsman" is implied in it in Japanese.

    Just for your reference:座頭市_(2003年の映画)

  3. XOVsquare New Member

    Fantastic! Thanks so much.

    Though, I didn't mean that Zatoichi means The Blind Swordsman, but it's the movie's slogan/heading/pay-off if you will.
    Lay-out wise, do you know of any typical Japanese ways of text placement or hierarchy? As you can tell, I'm out of my comfort zone with this.
  4. shin1ro New Member

    Yeah, I know, I think it's great The Blind Swordsman says the hero/film better than the original Zatoichi only (just "Blindman" Ichi).
    As for the layout, unfortunately I don't have enough knowledge but just only BASIC rules (You may already know...but).
    I don't think there's a typical way or strict rule. Sometimes famous guest stars may put at the last and maybe written in rather big letters or such, but it should be originally the Western style, I guess.

    As for Japanese character layout, I recall some...
    You can lay Japanese lines in vertical and vertical lines must be laid from RIGHT to LEFT. (sometimes even Japanese people are confused...ashamed)
    You may want to lay each person's family & given names in the same line in the starring lines.
    You may see some kanji characters are compound with some parts such as 作 consists of 人 and 乍. But they must not be separated. 作 is one single character. (These two parts are other characters without any relationship in this context)
    So, each kanji may need certain space which is wider than the space between the compound parts in a character.
    And if you put long Japanese lines (well, not likely, as long as the Japanese here above...), both in horizontal and vertical orientation, there are some complex rules. For example, a period, a comma and quotation marks (。 、 「 」 in Japanese) and cannot be at the beginning of the next line.

    Good luck!

  5. XOVsquare New Member

    Thanks man, you've been a big help!

    All the text i use will probably be horizontal. If I can ask you for one more favor though, could you perhaps redo the translated text in the way it should be placed on the poster?
    I'd hate to be a burden and I understand if you think: dude, enough is enough.

    Again thanks a bunch though, I'll make sure to put the poster up here once it's finished so you can see what I did with your help.
  6. shin1ro New Member

    XOVsquare san,

    Yeah, OK. I will try again when you've done. Good luck!
    I think I won't be the only one here to help you.

  7. XOVsquare New Member

  8. shin1ro New Member

    :warn: Wow, wow....Excellent!! Beautiful!! Super!!

    There's no need to change any Japanese! Perfect. :thumbsup:

    (I only mentioned the components in a kanji character and) I didn't mention in the previous message but I split the family names and given names with a wider space and you have done the same. It's not a must to split them actually, but it's good and kind for people to see the poster. ガダルカナル・タカ is kind of an exception as a Japanese name, it's a screen/stage name, intentionally sounding like Western name, I guess. So, I think it should be treated carefully because no "standard" rule for this kind of names. For example, if the separation dot is really included in his "official" name or not. (Also, it's not clear that which of ガダルカナル and タカ is the family name or the given name...) So then, I checked the name not only the link above but his official blog. Now I confirm that the center dot is included in his official name. "ガダルカナル・タカ" is the only description for his name, no space allowed but a "dot" needed.

    By the way; I'm just an amateur of art, but there are stains on the picture and they really makes the work look like old Japanese traditional "Fusuma" or "Byobu" paintings. I mean, they often gradually have these brown stains, getting decades old.
    Your art work has reminded me of the poster master, Tadanori Yokoo... traditional and modern senses are integrated in his works. He made many (vinyl) album jackets for American musicians, for example the Earth Wind and Fire.

    Any way, happy to see your great poster! Thank you!

  9. XOVsquare New Member

    Hey thanks man, it has been great fun working on it. And I wanted to thank you again, it's not every day you meet nice people online :).

    The texture treatment was intentional to, as you said make the piece look authentic and to help the Japanese feel of it. The fact that it reminds you of the work of such and artist is a great compliment.


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